Godfrey Nix B.Sc.Tech(Hons) Dip.Ed.

Looking Back 2012

December 30 Have spent a lot of time this year looking after my wife, Gillian who has had a relapse of her Multiple Sclerosis this summer, after recovering in January from a previous relapse. Lifting her several times ended up with me injuring my back! Fortunately, my employer is very good and I have been able to work from home. Not always keeping an eye on the time I have found that on many occasions I ended up doing well over 8 hours per day at the computer.
Hopefully, next year will be better healthwise.
Born in Nottingham, I have traced my family back over 200 years on both my father's and mother's sides all living in the East Midlands (Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire).
I studied Engineering at Sheffield, taught science for a few years, but have spent most of my life working in computing, (variously as Programmer, Analyst, Database Designer, System Administrator and consultant). I was a member of the BCS for over 25 years, and served for a number of years on the committee of the Nottingham and Derby branch.
I met the Bahá'í Faith whilst at Sheffield, and after a year of investigating, declared my belief in Baha'u'llah. I have travelled across America and Europe, teaching and giving public talks during my summer vacations.
I married Gillian in 1985 and we have both been actively helping the local Bahá'í community in Carlton, Gedling over the last 27 years.